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New Google Chrome Update will Affect ECommerce websites

How do we make sure webflow e-commerce projects remain compliant and do not get a dredded “This page may try to charge you money” warning?
I this users who get this message will have a might higher bounce rate.


“Starting with the release of Chrome 71 in December, your browser will warn you about sites that might try and bill you without your full knowledge or consent.”

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Why do you think Webflow ecommerce sites would cause this message to be shown? Are you also worried about Squarespace and Shopify sites?

I’d bet this is for websites that obscure their intentions to charge visitors, not for legitimate ecommerce platforms.



  1. Webflow eComerce just rolled out / Beta
  2. I have the same concerns for Shopify/Squarespace/Woo Com etc platforms.
  3. How to resolve error if it gets displayed?

I’d like to know if anyone has any anticipations or have observed errors with Google Chrome 71 beta on their own sites getting the bill notificeation


This is not about e-commerce. This is Google trying to protect users from unscrupulous sites. reports …
" Earlier this week, Google announced that Chrome would remove ads from sites with persistently abusive experiences. The browser will soon protect against sites that try to trick users into unintended charges and paid subscriptions.

According to Google, millions of Chrome users every month encounter pages that don’t properly disclose or explain the billing process for an upcoming transaction. These poor to nefarious experiences try to get users to enter payment information and result in surprise charges.

Chrome 71 will show a warning before pages that don’t provide sufficient clarity to the end-user about a transaction. Google has quantified best practices for making a visible and clearly explainable billing process, especially on the mobile web:"

So unless you’re a scammer…


Thanks for sharing!