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NEW! FREE Skillshare course for Webflow Users

Hi there just wanted to let everyone know about a new FREE resource on SKillshare. I created the course working with Webflow to put some business context around Webflow for freelancers and agencies.

I have made course free as I wanted to share the tips and ideas with everyone. If you are a skillshare user I have a link for you to use that will allow you to watch the entire course for FREE.

Here is the link - there is no hidden agenda here just a course I wanted to make and share.

I have made a PDF resource too that has some great little tips in be sure to download it from the course assets.

Would you like more courses on Skillshare?


Hi thanks for getting in touch. Can I just confirm are you looking for remote work or offering remote work?

Yes Sent you PM. Please check

@Haydenj2 Please actually read the posts before pasting your response. In this community we like people who take a genuine interest in the jobs posted, not just someone looking to get every job. @chriskellett i’m going to move this into the tips and tricks category as this isn’t the right place for it. Thanks for posting!!


Thank you @DFink

If you look back at @Haydenj2’s profile, you’ll notice that all the activity is just copy and pasting an outreach response in attempt to get work. I’ve recongnized the email address from other posts I’ve seen on here and CIS is really a larger company that has no Webflow experience, just outsourcing Wordpress work, etc… I actually responded to @Haydenj2’s post at one point and got a bunch of spam back. I think his account should be reviewed for spam. Thanks

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Yeah I saw that as well. Will review now. We don’t want people just selling services especially ones on completely different platforms.


If you see @Haydenj2’s post history, you can see that it’s a spammer.

Webflow is not the only forum affected by this spammer, the email is found everywhere""

Simply flag such posts as spam.

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Hey there @DFink and @Scott_Van_Zandt I am new to the forums thanks for the heads-up with the moderator comments. Seems like we have some eager beavers in the arena.