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New florists website

Recently created a florists website for a friend of mine.

Live link:

Any feedback/constructive criticism most welcome.




Great work Rob. One thing I noticed is the ‘See our work’ button half way down the page goes to’#’ rather than the ‘Work’ page.

That’s cool, I like the font :slight_smile:

Maybe there’s not enough flowers. The hero section is blurred and the vignettes underneath are very cropped. On the home page, there is nothing that really showcasing the work.

Possible solutions : a hero header taller with no blur, a section with a slider to show multiple works, bigger vignettes for the second section, with diferent crop, showing entire pieces.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: Good job already!

Thanks and nice one for noticing the mistake. Have updated!

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the suggestions. In my defence she didn’t have any ‘professional’ photos available yet so I was using a mix of her facebook photos and unsplash images for the hero sections.

But you’re right about them being heavily cropped, it would look nice to have the full bouquets in the images. Once she has more imagery I will expand the work page and add captions/heading to describe each piece of work.

Much appreciated.


Oh it wasn’t an attack I hope you didn’t take it wrong… And I totally understand, I’m in the same situation with 2 sites. Restaurants wants full images sites, have no pics…

It’s a classic :smiley:

Of course not, your points were valid and you weren’t to know!

It is a classic. I had to do the copy myself as well :roll_eyes:

Cute pull quote styling. :wink:

Thanks! Had to visit my feminine side for that bit :laughing: