New Feature: Filtering Dynamic Lists by Multi-Reference or Links

Hello, folks! Now you can filter your Dynamic Lists in two new ways: by Multi-Reference or Links.

For example, let’s say you have a Collection called Articles that includes a Multi-Reference listing tags. With this feature, you can now create a page for each tag that lists all the articles with that tag.

Also, now you can list any items and exclude those that don’t have a value in a link field.


Great feature!!! Thanks!

Pretty much how I feel about this one :wink: I love you Webflow!!!

It doesn’t seem like that long ago when people were saying “it would be cool if we could create more than a one-pager with this tool”… Look at how far you guys have came in such a short amount of time. As always, super excited for the future!


The response time to feature requests on Webflow is like nothing I have ever experienced! Thank you!

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Love you guys over at Webflow! :smile:

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