New feature: Asset Manager

Hi everyone, I’m ecstatic to announce the release of what we at the office affectionately refer to as ‘Phase 1’ of the Asset Manager. I think what’s important to note here is not that there are more amazing phases coming in the future — with abilities to rename and delete, but just how much we’ve packed into today’s release.

To start we’ve added a new tab that will gracefully show you the images you will and have uploaded to the site you’re working on, and with a multitude of easy viewing modes and ways to sort your images.

You can open any image in a new tab to easily get at the original, and your larger images that contribute to slowing down your site will show a helpful warning icon to let you know that optimizations may be necessary.

You can now drag any image directly into the dedicated Asset Manager drop zone from your OS. Once there you can drag any already uploaded image in the asset manager straight onto the canvas to place it. You might be asking, “How long will it take me to manually drag each image I need on my site into the Asset Manager?” The answer is simple: You can now grab a bunch of images dragging them into the Asset Manager in a single smooth motion with something we’re calling ‘multi-upload’.



click image to play screencast

There is also of course a new ‘Choose from Asset Manager’ mode available wherever you previously uploaded images to - whether it be an image node, a background image, or a lightbox image. This will pop open the Asset Manager where you can luxuriously roll your mouse over images to instantly preview them in the role you’re choosing for and then a simple click to commit the change.

click image to play screencast

Let us know if you find bugs or if you have questions or suggestions!


My favorite part is that this is just Phase One - we’ll let you guys guess out of how many :wink:

Great job on this @YoavGivati and welcome to the team!!!


Just a heads up since quite a few people have asked: the asset manager does not yet support deleting unused images, but it’s something we’re already working on!

As a somewhat roundabout workaround, you can duplicate your site and the duplicate will only have currently-used image assets - but we know that’s not ideal by a long shot, so a better approach is coming :smiley:


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