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New Elementary School Website (In Progress) (Landing Page)

This is a site I am working on for Fenton Academies in California. They essentially have 2 schools under one roof.
I made them a landing page which has nav links to either the “STEM” or “Leadership” side of the school. Both sides are duplicates. Helpful comments would be appreciated :slight_smile:

This is a link to the previous site I was redesigning.

I think the landing page is bit much. Its very busy with some poor legibility. Dont make it too busy keep it clean and simple and guide the user to the desired pages with clear navigation to their respective pages. Dont hide them :slight_smile:

Also i think some of the element spacing could do with some work. Try to be consistent and group relevant blocks of content together. Makes it easier to scan and is easy on the eye.

I notice some sections were overly busy particularly the contact form and the Schools, API Location bit. The school API and address should be married atm they look like 9 different groups of content.

With the contact section you have to work on your spacing of elements like i said above and get rid of some of the lines and use spacing to achieve the same effect.

I quickly mocked up a section of your site to give you an idea of consistent spacing of elements and typography to give you an idea of what im talking about. (I removed all instances of the schools name btw)

Good work btw its a big project best of luck with it.

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@Sveky Very good points said. I completely agree with you. :wink:

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