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New Editor X by Wix

No reason to be embarrassed, and thanks for the reply! By the way, I don’t work for Webflow, just a longtime user and regular here around the community who wanted to give my .02 on the recent development.

The roadmap was mentioned at the beginning of the World Tour dates but admittedly the logic flows (an unexpected but super welcome addition) seemed to be the furthest in the future in terms of release date. Traditionally Webflow doesn’t get too specific on when something will drop, mainly to prevent over promising if something delays the release, but recently they’ve started to reveal more of what’s in the pipeline.

Until then, I’m glad we have folks working on complimentary no-code tools and love seeing what’s possible already without getting deep down in the nitty gritty :webflow_heart:


@mikeyevin He post the question like he doesn’t know Editor X. I was sharing my personal experience and then if you read his reply…I’m like so you’re already know it and you believe it’s good why bother ask here. Use it anyway. I shared my thought hopefully it’s helpful for him and might save his time and money. But I was wrong.

He was literally selling wix here.

THIS!!! :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

Wix (and Squarespace, etc) is not for making professional websites.

I tried Editor X last week and it was a terrible experience. It is quite impossible to have 100% pixel-perfect control on Editor X. The page will become hard organized as it does not respect HTML hierarchy. The CMS is so weak as well.

I think Editor X is a bad idea right from the beginning. It is trying to work like Figma / XD / Sketch, and something between Wix and Webflow. I don’t think it will become a good product even in a long run.

For us, Webflow is the only “low-code” option for serious clients.

For us, Webflow is the only “low-code” option for serious clients.

Well, this need not be the case. Following another topic mentioning Wix, I’d like to point out that the current contender for Webflow should be cosidered, not Editor X.

We also have,, and we are waiting to see what would come out of, and :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s a great list of tools.

I played with some of them before, really hard to compare with Webflow indeed.
But it looks like sitejet and pixli are really promising! Especially sitejet.
I would like to try it soon.

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The fitness of a tool has to be selected based on requirements. Generalizations about tools are not helpful for the reader. As for Wix, I can think of plenty of site requirements where it is a superior choice to Webflow. Like if I natively needed events, bookings, memberships, multi-language, external data integration, a robust API, photo galleries with features needed by most photographers, to name a few.


Is it just me or does this whole thread start seem like some kind of Editor X promotion? OP starts out asking for reviews like they haven’t ever tried it, and is then bashing down all negative feedback lmao.


I’ve played with it. But then I checked the performance scores of the websites on their own showcase and have run a mile. Seriously poor performance.

That’s not to say that it can’t or won’t improve. Competition is healthy.

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Do you guys feel that mentioning a number of Webflow alternatives is
something that is overly promotional in nature instead of being useful or relevant to the topic as expected” ?

Did any of you flag it indeed? Or maybe it was Webflow staff, afraid at the mention of other possibilities?

haha :rofl:
But I don’t think Webflow staff will do such thing.

It’s not really spam when you mention alternatives a single time, but including the exact collection of links (already present in another reply from you in the same thread) could definitely be considered unnecessary. You’ve also joined a day ago, only contributed to two threads (about alternatives), and nearly every single post (with the exception of the one mentioning the hidden post) includes the same collection of links.

something that is overly promotional in nature

Overly is the key word here, I don’t think anyone expects there to be no links to other platforms. I appreciate the options but there’s no need to overdo it :webflow_heart:

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Yeah, I’ve yet to see an Editor X site with a higher lighthouse performance rating than 40-50. I’m sure there are, but I feel like you don’t even have to do much optimization to get a 80-90 rating on a Webflow project.

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Good and honest answer.

Hello @jeffbezos,

So I compared the same site on a code editor, Editor X, and Webflow and tested their performance on a lighthouse test. Here are the results Webflow Vs EditorX Vs Code Editor

When I used wix and practiced good seo on it, the website never came up and was lost in the search engine mix. When I switched to Webflow all of a sudden the site was discoverable. So, I’d editor x more like Webflow? Is that what you are saying? The code is clean?

Uh, I tried Editor X before and it’s really simular to Webflow but a more simplified version of it. Although it’s quite good for a drag and drop website builder.

Webflow and Code Editor: “I am 4 parallel universes away from you.”

Although Wix used Flash in the past for SEO, I don’t think it’s getting better at all haha.