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New drinks brand goes live

Just completed a commission for a drinks brand creating waves in the UK market place.
Love to hear you feedback on the design and development.
Please follow me. A lot more work to showcase.
Thanks everyone.


@BUMPandHUSTLE That’s beautiful. It’s a perfect image and feel for a London gin brand.

Did you do all the logos as well, or just the website? I love the hero image with the close up of the bottle with the moving image. The recipes are great too with the recipes overlaying.

If I could offer one critique it would be the contact form. Forcing the user to type in capitals may annoy some (it could be just me!) and it doesn’t necessarily need the labels above the form fields as well. That’s just my opinion though of course.

Very kind of you Markos.

No the Haycock’s brand and logo was already established. The intention was to represent the ‘best of British invention’.

Yes caps is part of the branding guidelines but I took your very helpful suggestion regarding the field names being superfluous. Thank you.

You’re welcome. That’s a lot cleaner now on the form.
How long did it take you all in all?

Around 8 days but lots of toing and froing by the client who had exacting standards.

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Very nice, well done :+1:

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Looks awesome! Nice work :metal:t3:

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There are so many things I Love about this site design!

Was looking at the flavor wheel trying to figure out how to make that. Would you be willing to write a little “tutorial” on how to accomplish that?

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