New domain appear with exact content in my site

Hi All,
I have website that using webflow. I’m new in webflow. My domain is using .com
For few week, I just realized there is domain (with same name) but using .site
The problem is the content in that site is have the same content with my site. And everytime I have change and update my website, this website also directly change.

I just want to know is it the thing from webflow or someone trying to stollen my authority for the site?

Thank you,

Perform a WHOIS on the .site domain to begin with.

Ah it means it’s not from webflow. Here is the domain that they use to copy my site
The who is data just showing it from

Do you have any idea how to fix this issues, vincent?

That site contains directly an iframe of your own site, is not duplicating the site, is basically an embed of your site, you can ask the support to add custom security headers Custom security headers | Webflow University, with custom headers you can set that your domain cannot be iframed