New design, same URL

Hi there,

  1. I currently have a site hosted at

  2. It is built and hosted in webflow. Here is the read only for that particular site design:

  3. I would now like to publish a new design to the same domain. Basically we have rebuilt our site and would like to publish it.

  4. We want to keep the home page as but don’t want to lose the SEO. Is this possible? Or would I need to publish the new site to a different url and set up a 301? Here is the read only for the new site:

Many thanks in advance.

Publish your site on the same domain and URL, but prior to that, create as many 301 redirects you need. Basically every URL that has changed for any page needs a 301. If a page with SEO juice has the same URL, then no need for 301.

Thanks so much. As always just so stoked to be part of this community. Will feedback on achievement of implementation success. :hugs:

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Okay we are live and kicking my good people is 301 affirmative. Thanks again for the speedy and helpful response.

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Great! Thanks for reporting, happy I could help.