New CSS Grid icon obstructs view of child elements

I am LOVING this new grid. My only issue so far is the edit grid button is obstructing my view of the elements within the grid. See it here…

Perhaps this edit icon could appear just to the right outer side of the grid so when I’m working on the grid (which is the only time the icon appears) it does not block the view of what is getting worked on.

Again, loving the grid and thank you.




Thanks for the feedback @ctrav! We’ll be exploring some improvements we can make here.

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We just shipped an update to the UI. Let us know if it helps your case!

Thanks for the speedy fix. I’m not sure anything changed other than the color, though:


Although, the cell in question is bigger than I had it in the prior design so you may have set a rule surrounding cell size.

Tested it and that doesn’t seem to be the case


We made it smaller and moved it closer to the edge of the container to minimize overlap of content. It should help with most cases. :slight_smile:

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As for the grid track sizing, you can set 1FR for it to be flexible (good for text) and Auto for it to fit the content (good for images/icons)

Ahh yes, I see that wonderful detail now :slight_smile: Thank you for the tip, I’ll give it a shot on my next project. And thank you for engaging.

Check out how I used it here:

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