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New Collaborator can't create an account

I have a client who I have recently added as a collaborator but when she follows the invite link in her email, the prompt to create an account never pops up for her to do so. She just sees the website and nothing else. The link works fine for me, so I’m trying to brainstorm trouble shooting options. Could this be a security setting on her end or a firewall issue? Does the browser choice effect her capability to access the prompt? Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Here is read-only site link…

@Christina just copy the link from and then open chrome in incognito mode and past the link. Now you open the website without extensions. Sometimes extensions interfere with the edit mode.

Thank you! Her IT pros in her building ending up working with her to adapt their security to work with Webflow and it worked, but your tip was a helpful backup. Thanks again!

@Christina, your welcome

I tried this link in simple window then there was a error of java-script not running.After that i tried in incognito window then working absolutely perfect.Thanks