New CMS Items not shown

Hi there,

I made a Website. The Teamside works wita a CMS. Now ther were some changes. I kicked the old people out and added the new ones. Set up exactly the same as the others. For some reason the new CMS content (persons) will not show up on the side…

Any plan why?
Thx in advance :slight_smile:

Hi there, can you share a read only link to the project?

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Sure, thx… The Problem is with the CMS called: Alle Mitglieders

Hi @Zyclomus, thanks for your post, on which page are the items from the cms collection being shown? I can see the cms template page for that collection is blank, so no content will be generated on the cms collection template page unless there are some bound elements to the cms.

Are you using a collection list on some other page that is supposed to show the content?

It might be something to do with the collection list filter/sort, but I am not sure exactly which page name the actual people are supposed to be shown.

On the page read only link you shared, I do not see any bound cms elements or cms collections existing: Webflow - Profis-Ohrisch We...

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Thank you for your answer and sorry for the missing info… @cyberdave

Maybe for your understanding I’ll explain. This is a Website for a Guggemusig. In Switzerland that’s a group of people that makes music at carneval. Therefore there are different “Registers” means for ex. the instrument trumpet has different people in it.

The CMS is “published” on the Registers Template. There you can switch between the different Registers (Posaune, Rythmus, etc.)

Does this explenation help?

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Hi @Zyclomus, I’ve gone through your project but still don’t understand the problem.

I understand you have Alle Mitglieders Multi-reference in Registers. Which part of Alle Mitglieders is not showing up?

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@dennyhartanto Thanks for you effort. Sorry maybe I 've explained that wrong. Yes thats correct. All the subgroups of the Registers shows up. What doesn’t work is the adding of new people into this Alle Registers. They just won’t show up… like you can see it on Registers Template. There are some people pictures there. These are the ones that I’ve added in the CMS. New People just won’t show up…

@Zyclomus in which page is the All Registers section?

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I’ve just read your edit. From what I can see all the Alle Mitglieders are showing up as you have added in the CMS

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Well thats wierd…because there should actually be one more (see Picture below)
I’ve added him, same as all the other people. Just a few months later… and he wont show up. So that problem is with Leonie Eichler and Raphi Müller and propably with every new person I’ll add in the future…

Well @dennyhartanto Thank you very much for your support. Absolutely my fault… I’ve should have known that. You brought me to the solution. The thing I had to do was to add him as a person to the Register…

So the problem is solved right now. Wish you all of the best and good health!

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@Zyclomus no problem at all, thats what I thought! Glad I could help.

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can someone explain why my cms image isn’t resizing to fit the grid space ?

pls help !