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New CMS Collection - don't see Description, Number, Completion Date, etc. fields

I am new at this and am working through the “Creating a custom portfolio” tutorial. So I’ve created a new collection. In the tutorial Description, Number, Completion Date, etc. fields are shown, but in my live version those fields do not appear, so I cannot fill them out.

Any ideas where I can find those so I can get on with the project?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Just a followup for clarification. Here’s a screen shot from the tutorial of what the CMS page looks like after clicking the “Create New Client Project” button:

Here’s the link to that section in the tutorial:

Here’s what it looks like when I click the same button:

Thank y’all for your insights and thoughts,

Check what fields exist in your collection. More than name?

You need to add those fields manually , or use one of the template collection. To add them, just click on the gear icon on the collection’s name , and then add the fields you need

Thanks Jeandcc & webdev!
I’ll give that a try and report back in this thread for the benefit of our webflow comrades.
Much appreciation for your suggestions.

So, how did it go? Did it work?

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Yes it worked, thanks a bunch. I can’t believe I missed that.

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