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New Club Website

Hello community,

I’ve redesigned this website for my highschool club. Our website plays a large role in our “Static Judging” at International competition, and I thought I’d update it with the help of Webflow to get our scores up for the competition this summer.

  • Any feedback would be appreciated, thank you very much!

Great job.

It’s simple, clean and effective.
I like the windmill in the logo!

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Great job - i like the simplicity and the videos playing behind the colour gradients.

One thing is the scroll to top button - I found it really slow. You can add a custom attribute to the body called “data-scroll-time” with a value of maybe 0.5 - it’ll make it a lot quicker. Just a thought.

Also, i noticed some of pages are slow to load. The images are very large. It’d be worth resizing them where possible and reducing the file size.

Check out how these rate your site:

These Chrome extensions are useful for checking your web page size and image sizes:

Good luck!

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