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New client site built in Webflow

Just finished up a new site

Still some things to finish up, but I’d love to hear what you guys think.

Thanks homies!


Thanks for sharing.

The positives. The use of colour, animations work really well with the layout. I really like the icons that are used.

The negatives. It is not clear, until you are on the features page, what the site is exactly about or who your audience is. I also think there are a few to many stock photos.

Overall a very nice looking site.

Oh and I also like the plain and simple request demo form.

I agree. It looks great but it’s not clear what Nutrio is until you start to see screenshots. Animations load nicely too.

Looks really nice. Modern. Very fresh.
1 bug with the navbar item though, see:

Looks great! Very clean. I think it might almost be too heavy on animation…marketing wise, it might be better to animate a few times for the cool factor and then just the elements you really what users to take action on.

The timeline under “Our Story” is cool. How did you accomplish?

The image selection was excellent.

@rowan Thanks so much for pointing out the bug. Can i ask what browser and device your on?

@jwillk Happens on Safari, Chrome and Firefox on my iMac.

I took a look at your site again on my iPad. I noticed that when trying to open you mobile menu it redirects me back to the home page. I don’t know if this is one of the things you are finishing up so I thought I would bring it to your attention.

Thanks! Really appreciated you getting back to me.

Thanks @jdesign. I used an online tutorial and added the code into the custom code section.

Here’s the tutorial off cody

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@Davidn Thanks for the feedback. Wasn’t getting the bug in Safari but I see it now in Chrome.
It Might have something to do with hover interaction I have set up on the desktop navigation, but I’m not exactly sure. If you have any ideas or suggestion as to how I might find a solution it would be a huge help.

Thanks a million!

Brilliant user interface. Love it.

Can’t agree more with the previous comments, great site with a clean and clutter free layout - helps to highlight some of the points such as the testimonials which works really well.

+1 on ‘didn’t get what Nutrio is’ until I went to the features page, but once I saw that I was like ‘hey that actually seems pretty decent!’

Just from a navigation point of view as well, upon clicking to request a demo there is no ‘visible’ or evident way to get back to the homepage/previous page. Whilst it may seem evident to use the back key to you or me, some people might just close the window if they don’t fill in the form.

Really like the icons too - they suit the site.

Hope this helps - great work!