New city website done in Webflow

Hey guys! I am really excited about finishing this website for the city of Magnolia, Arkansas, my home town.

It has not gone live yet, but I would like some feedback about the general layout and design, as well as some pointers about my choices in typography.

I could really use some constructive criticism (especially since this is my first real Webflow site :smile:)

Thanks in advance!

Here is the temporary address:

Read-only link:

A BIG thank you to @sabanna and the other awesome forum gurus that helped me along the way! I don’t think I could have done it without 'em!

Hi @ilikewebdesign, the site is nice! One thing I would suggest, is if it is at all possible, to compress the images on your site, or to reduce the size of the images somehow. Right now the landing home page is 9mb in size, which is quite large and will be slower to load. The target size you should aim for is between 1-2mb for best performance (lighter page weight will result in faster load time).

I love the big text menus, easier for me to read :slight_smile:

Yeah, that menu was actually quite challenging to get it to work correctly… wound up having the put div blocks within the nav link blocks to get the interactions to work…

I will absolutely work on the page size! For future reference on my next projects, I think I will run all my images through tinyPNG before I even upload them.

Thanks for the input @cyberdave!

Have any thoughts on the typography?

Hi @ilikewebdesign, take a look at this article:

Typography are one of those things that could always use a good review. The article helps to break it down :slight_smile:

It’s live! Just one more shout-out to @sabanna, @cyberdave, @Waldo, and all the other awesome Forum people that helped make this possible!

Design feedback would be appreciated!


Cool use of animations! Just make sure not to exaggerate because it can be a bit distracting :wink:

Thanks @kasperkazzual! Yeah… I will keep that in mind. I’ll be the first to admit that I can go a bit crazy with the animations.

It’s Webflow’s fault you know, they made it way too easy!!! :joy:

So glad you were able to get the site up and running @ilikewebdesign :smiley: I live about 5 hours from Magnolia! :slight_smile:

I would recommend maybe defining a color palette and stick to it with your site build, I still struggle so much defining color palettes and sticking to them (it’s truly color schemes are truly an art form) so I like to use these tools to help me define mine:

There are many more if you google Color Palette Generator :slight_smile:

Then I take those colors and add them to my color palette within Webflow. Anytime you open a color picker from the styles tab, you can add in a new color/modify your color palette:

Doing this early on in your design process helps a ton and speeds up the workflow even more :). Really helps tie all the content together/provides visual cues when certain elements are associated with specific colors :slight_smile: Keep it up! :smiley:

Thanks @Waldo for the tips! I really lean toward grayscale, and I’m not crazy about wild colors, so this will definitely help me branch out and try new color schemes!

Always good to try new things!

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