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New card/div created when a new entry/row made on MySQL

Hi there,

I’m trying to auto-populate this page with cards that contain information and links from a MqSQL database, so that as new entries are made in said database, matching cards appear on the page. I’m wondering if there are any integration tools available to make this possible, or whether this is going to be more on the custom-code side of work. How it looks now is just hard-coded design work, no information tied to my database.

Preview link:

Any advice is appreciated, cheers

Zapier or Integromat would likely work well for this.

Webflow has a ton of integrations with both these services. You would essentially set a Trigger (e.g. “new row in database”), which would then pull the information from the relevant MySQL entry, and create a Webflow CMS item using that data.

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Awesome, I’ll take a look into these applications to see if something works well. Cheers!

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Sweet, good luck! Give me a shout if you get stuck. Important to note that I think you’ll need to use the Webflow CMS in order for this option to work - I don’t think it would work with static content (but I could be wrong)

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