New Blog For My Wife and I

I just finished designing and launching a blog my wife and I wanted to do together! Check it out. Really fun process, wanted to keep things simple to where the content is the main focus. It is meant to be a refreshing reading experience.

Loved doing it all Webflow.


Cool beans


uhh… Rye and Gin… you need to put the name of the dog also.

He’s important enough to be in the photo… then he’s important enough to be named.

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Jokes aside, I actually like the simplicity of it, and the structure :slight_smile
Very light and easy on the eye, 8/10 (now time to post more!)

p.s: What instrument you play? I used to play Trumpet and Saxophone :smile:


Fair enough. Haha…maybe something like…garnish

Haha wonderful!

I really appreciate it. Thanks for the feedback; always helpful.

I play guitar (electric/acoustic). Mmm I will save I have tried to learn Sax but didn’t stick with it.

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or Tonic…
Rye (Whiskey),
Gin & Tonic :slight_smile:

We need to solve this puzzling and very important question…
Who is that lost pooch @IggsTP is talking about ???

Perhaps… we should take a Webflow Users Forum Poll !!!

“Name that Dog”.


I did the opposite, tried to learn Guitar when I was ~9 years, never liked it :stuck_out_tongue:

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I vote for it, Rye Gin and Tonic is just perfect.


Really nice work :clap:

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Haha perfect. Very smooth.

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Ah I see. I understand, guitar is so frustrating to learn.