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New Background Video feature - pre load image

HI there,

Thank you webflow for the new video function it works a treat !!!

One issue i havent quite figured out yet though is how do i add an image that displays while the video is loading ? i.e. so there is no black screen . Previously i added a .jpg in the dropbox folder and it displayed that whilst video loaded but now i can only add a background image yet the video is showing a black screen [ only temporarily ] but for my client this is an issue

Anyone know of a workaround for this ?


I also tried adding a background once i gave it a class but this just blocks the video , its the same with background colour …

I think there are things that are currently being fixed with the bg video widget, regarding poster images and other stuff so we may be a bit patient :slightly_smiling:
As for your image before the video, did you try adding the image underneath the video bg widget? I don’t know if it’s transparent while it’s loading the video but it’s worth trying.

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Thanks vincent , yes I tried a bg image in the body and get the same result unfortunately , the video player has a black placeholder it seems, if anyone from webflow reads this it would be really handy to be able to set a poster image in the video widget , ( perhaps even add an interaction so it fades in ? ) , I may have to go back to the old method for now but it’s not as slick as the new way ( I have had all sorts of trouble getting the video to fill the screen etc ).

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