New at Webflow I'm a little confused

Hi i am a Dutch self employed professional with a small simple website to reach my customers. My existing website is made in serif webplus and is really outdated. My knowledge of HTML is very little, don’t understand coding but i do understand the structure of a HTML page (more or less). So i need a new site and came across Webflow three weeks ago, signed up with the free plan and after a lot of struggling i got the basics under control, so far so good. But now i am at the point to start creating beyond the two free pages. So for now my question is simple but i am a little confused, do i need a hosting plan only to create my one project and connect my domain later on (i am a complete noob with that so i am terrified to do that eventually :frowning: ) or do i also need an account plan?

Hello @Rene_H

The free plan allows you to test the tool and see if it fits your needs and you can create up to 2 pages to your project, if you want to keep adding more pages you just need to buy a basic host plan.

You don’t need an account plan if you’re not going to export your page anywhere.

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Yep - what @aaronocampo says…

Plus, fear not on the domain connection - there are guides on it here:

Also…if you are connecting it Monday-Friday between 6am-6pm PST - there should be a live chat feature in the ‘hosting’ panel in your site settings - the team will guide you through and reassure you about making the right connections :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you both for the reply! Clear to me now.

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Maybe one more question related to the domain connecting…will my email still work with my local host so i don’t have to change anything for that?

@Rene_H yes! Hosting with Webflow, you should only change your domain’s A and CNAME records. Email is managed with your domain’s MX records. As long as you don’t change any of the MX records, your email will be unaffected.

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So that’s simple, thnx!

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