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New at webflow and a bit lost

Hi Everyone,

let me quickly share some background info before you start to comment, my name is Jomi and I have a news website in the Netherlands covering all: Bluegrass, Folk, Roots, and Americana. I started a year ago with a very basic web host that was very easily to work with, but did not met up with the direction i want to go and now I need a more professional host ( Webflow suits perfectly in this, as I can grow here) The thing however is that I have no experience in webdesign( building) whatsoever.
What drivers me is 100% ambition and drive to achieve my dreams in becoming the biggest news site from Europe ( in the end) in this genre.

Whit that said, i am a bit at lost here at webflow. It is so far beyond my understanding of building a website, but i am willing to put all of my energy into this until it will works. Therefor i am reaching out to you, maybe I can get some help in any way possible…

Looking forward of what i can learn or the help I can receive.

Best regards,

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Welcome to the community Jomi :slight_smile:

If I can offer any advice it would be to go through each of the Webflow University videos one by one, these are an excellent introduction to WF and very easy to follow. Amusing too :slight_smile:

I also found the WF live workshop videos very informative too - often watching someone else build a site from scratch can be really informative and a great learning tool.


Hi Neil,

Thank you for y’re reply, I do watch a lot of clips but I have to say that everything goes smooth there. In reality it is not going that smooth with me. none the less I keep watching and struggling on. (hihi)

Thank you for the link of the workshop, it is a good idea to see someone make a site from scratch! and pick up some tricks from there.

Best regards,

You’re welcome! I found WF very hard to get started, felt a little unintuitive at times (especially coming from Adobe Muse) but it soon becomes clearer :slight_smile:

Have you tried working along with the video? This works especially well with the full site builds you can find on the university. Like this one here You can download all the images etc used in the course.
Open webflow, watch part of the video, pause and then recreate what you’ve just seen in your own site.
That’s what I did at first.
On the free acount plan you can have a basic free site (two of them, in fact). Each site only allows for two pages so I would follow along, build the page and then delete it to start working on the next one.
This really helped me understand everything that was going on in the videos. Just watching helps but then you’re still struggling afterwards on your own.

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Hi Sara,

I’ve done, that is indeed the best way to learn to work with web flow. I also learned a lot with the video’s where people actually building a website, there you can also see when things are not going perfectly and learn some more. Thank you for the advice tho on this! I really appreciate it

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yay! I’m so glad you’ve been doing this. It really helped me get started with webflow.

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