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New Apple News Publisher API

Hi all,

First question is will this even work with Webflow?

I’ve setup an Apple News Publisher account. They have an API where you can post articles direct from your CMS - I’ll paste the help info below. I have no idea where to start with this though…

Use your CMS with News Publisher

With Apple News Format you can create articles in your existing content management system (CMS), then publish them directly to News. You can connect your CMS to News Publisher via a plug-in. Third-party plug-ins are available for WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, and other platforms. You can also write your own API code to connect your CMS to News Publisher. See the Apple News API Reference for information about writing API calls and interpreting API responses. See the Apple News Format Reference for details on how to design and lay out articles in Apple News Format.

About the Apple News API
The Apple News API is a REST API for publishing Apple News Format articles to News. With the help of this API you can also retrieve, update, and delete published articles and get basic information about your channel and sections. For more information about Apple News API, see Apple News API Reference.

To use the Apple News API, you need the following information, which is provided in News Publisher when your channel is approved to use Apple News Format.

Channel ID


API Key Secret: The secret is shown only when it’s first issued, but you can get the channel ID and API Key ID any time.

The Apple News API provides the following operations in News resources:

Read channel

List and Read section

Read, Create, Update, and Delete article

API requests vary depending on the type of operation. For example, to read a channel, you need only supply a channel ID (plus authentication information). To create an article, you need additional information, such as a complete Apple News Format document, various API request metadata, and parts that contain images and other resources.

When you publish an article via the API, the delivery time to the News app may vary depending on server load. You don’t need to worry about caching or other common content delivery issues—Apple manages all content distribution and delivery.

The API uses an industry-standard authorization mechanism to protect your data and ensure that only approved clients have access to your content. A command-line-interface (Ruby Gem) is available.

Connect your CMS to News Publisher
After you’re approved as an Apple News Format publisher, you can set up News Publisher to use your CMS.

Go to, sign in, then click News Publisher.

Click Articles, then click Get API Key.

Write down the channel ID, key ID, and secret that appear in the dialog.

This information is provided in News Publisher when your channel is approved to use Apple News Format. You can view your API Key ID and channel ID at any time by clicking Channel Info, but the secret appears only once. You need this information when using the API key with your CMS.

Note: If you lose the API key secret, you can replace it by clicking Replace API Key in the Channel Info tab in News Publisher. If you replace the key, remember to enter the information for the new key in your plug-in or code.

Connect your CMS to News Publisher with the Apple News API.

Deliver content from your CMS to News Publisher.

To see how your articles will look in News, click “Preview your articles,” then copy or write down the link that appears in the Preview Articles in News dialog.

On a device with iOS 9 or later, open Safari, then enter the preview link.

News launches and the preview appears in the Drafts section.

Note: On the device, you must be signed in to iCloud with the Apple ID you use for News Publisher.

When you’re happy with the way the articles look on an iPhone or iPad, click “Submit for Approval” in News Publisher.

Apple notifies you by email when your content is approved. After you receive that email, return to News Publisher and complete the steps described in Publish articles created in News Publisher or from your CMS.

Hey @CooperX, Have you found the way to solve this? I need the same thing.