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Never-ending CMS content loading

So I’ve just had a request from a client. in his words, he would like it to seem like there’s much more content that there actually is, so when a user scrolls to the end of the collection list, he just wants it to start loading all over again.

Anyone know if there’s a hack to get the collection list to reload again and again if someone gets to the end of a list?

Sorry, I didn’t get you on this point “he just wants it to start loading all over again.” as he wants all pages to reload from starting or something different??

Sorry, didn’t explain it well, when you scroll to the end of the collection list he doesn’t want it to stop, he wants to list to load from the start again. So let’s say there are 10 items, you scroll or paginate from 1 to 10, now you would stop, but he wants 1 to load again after 10, an infinite loop of loading collection list items. I saw a hack for this once, but googled and googled and can’t find it.

A way to accomplish this would be to use Finsweets CMS Library.

Duplicate the same collection 3 or 4 times then use the combine component to combine all CMS collections into one. - Webflow Combine Lists - F'in sweet CMS Library

Could work, but if you added something new you’d have to add it let’s say 4 collections?

You could just use the same collection x 4, this way it’ll pull all of the items each time and look as if it’s repeating the content as you scroll through. It could work.

I suggest you tell the client the usability issues his request creates. It is not beneficial to the user, or SEO, just his EGO.

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