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Net Neutrality | Bad news for web designers

Hey all, I’m sure I’m not alone in being worried about Net Neutrality laws potentially being repealed…

If you’re not aware of it, imagine if your ISP (or Telco) made you pay more to visit Netflix… Or if they slowed down your internet speeds until you paid more!

Well, that’ll be reality for all of us (around the world) if Net Neutrality laws are repealed in America…

We’re all in a position to combat this, so I’d like to get the ball rolling!

I put this page together this morning to hopefully simplify the issue and give Internet users a clear course of action!

I’d love to see as many of you as possible do the same!

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Here’s Webflow’s official blog post on the subject:

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We do not support Net Neutrality.

With some exceptions

  • We do not support the involvement of Government in any form.

At times… there are cases to be made for limited Government involvement.

The term Net Neutrality - “sounds good” because it sounds like “everything is equal”.

A more accurate term would be “Internet Control”. That would more properly state what “Net Neutrality” is all about. It’s about everything being “Equal”. It’s about “Control”.

And Control implies… an Administrator of Control…

  • one who controls those - who are “Submissive”.

And those who control do so… by creating Regulations.

Regulations is a negative word that dictates what “you can’t do”. That’s why the Law Books are “so big”… because those in control keep coming up with more and more things - that “you cannot do”.

Now… Who actually pays for Regulations. In most cases - the answer is - the Business world pays for it.

Do Businesses pass the cost of regulations onto their customers.

  • Obviously they do. Every business passes the cost to their customers. Even Webflow.

You do it yourself. With your own customers. Every time you bill your customer…

  • they are paying for a small piece of that computer your are using - right now… to look this post.

Regulations increase the cost of business and stifle innovation. If you don’t understand this… then you don’t understand business. You may be a good Web Designer, or Programmer, or whatever. But if you don’t understand business… you will always work for someone who does.

If Net Neutrality existed before Microsoft, Apple, HP, Google, Fedex… or Webflow were created…
none of them would exist today.

Net Neutrality is the gateway to the control of every aspect of the internet. That includes you. Net Neutrality will eventually control you. And what see. And what you know. And what those in control - want you to know.

If you prefer the Government controlling your access to the net…

  • then you should support Net Neutrality.

If you are like me…

  • and prefer to get what I pay for
  • and to pay for what I get
  • then the repeal of Net Neutrality is the obvious answer.

Personally — I prefer being in control of the Government
as opposed to the Government being in control of me…

  • but that’s just my opinion.
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Internet freedom is right of every individual and if you pay for your service you deserve the full potential of your internet, not just a throttled connection which makes your internet browsing a pain, this is something very serious and each individual should raise there voice against FCC to make internet neutral. Also, you can fight back by using a VPN service and make your activities anonymous from ISPs and Government.

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Well, in case they will repeal it, then guys like webflow team need to think of moving their hosting on a node based hosting


You do realize that the kind of control you are opposed to (at least from what I gather from your post) is the one that explicitly prohibits murder and theft? Are you against that one too?

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see above clip from my response

And why do you think this is not one of the cases you mention?

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I’m all for anything that allows an ISP to throttle Netflix, as opposed to an environment where the ISP (who laid the wire, makes the connections, etc. etc. etc.) is subject to whatever bandwidth-choking service people want to use to… choke bandwidth.

I can’t get anything done on a snow day because all the kids are sitting around streaming garbage all day. With more buffering, maybe people will go outside again.

Let’s be honest. This isn’t about not having access to all websites, because no ISP would actually DO that, knowing that people would immediately jump ship to a competitor. This is about freaking media consumption. That doesn’t affect freelance web designers one whit.

because murder and theft is a personal act one commits against another ?

And Net Neutrality is a control issue ? How about that.

The two are not alike. So why are you trying to compare them. Be reasonable with your response.

Indirectly telling me what content to consume (by throttling, charging more etc) is an act committed against me by another, is it not? Or are you explicitly emphasizing “personal”? In my country it is even worse to have an unlawful act committed by a group.

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@Cricitem Ha, good one! But honestly, some countries need to step up their game in internet speed. I cannot imagine having connection problems just because someone watches Netflix :smiley:

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in a way it does. It creates a gateway in which Web Designers are required to be licensed. If that’s something a person agrees with - then fine. I personally don’t agree with it.

Licensing commoditizes a resource - regardless if the resource is a Web Designer or a Physician. However, with a Physician - I do agree with it… but the difference being (when comparing a Physician vs a Web Designer) is the ability to do physical harm. My wife is in the medical field - and I totally agree with the Government mandating a license on her. I’m a business owner (and I do agree with some of the Regulations) as well as a Web Designer. I have no need (as a Web Designer) to be “licensed”. Licensing my skills will only increase my cost to my customer.

Licensing I believe also is the opening for mandated pricing. Which means what I charge has to be the same as - what you charge. And that’s shouldn’t be. My fee should be based on my experience - and what people are willing to pay. Your fee should be based on the same indicators. Not forced by some government entity.

And I believe Net Neutrality is not just about media consumption. As I stated - it’s a gateway to every internet related.

It depends on where you live, sometimes it depends on where you live within 100 feet.

Everyone who knows enough to ACTUALLY be worried about this knows perfectly well that no ISP is going to say, “Fox News is $10/month. Facebook is $5/month. MSNBC is $10/month.” like all the doomsayers are out there doomsaying.

This whole thing is 99.99999999% about streaming content, and everything else you hear is nothing but nonsense drummed up to sway the ignorant, at least as far as the US is concerned.

Outside of April Fools posts, licensing for web designers was never, ever mentioned (at least publicly) prior to 2015. It wouldn’t even really make sense as it would be impossible to enforce.

I see no connection whatsoever between throttling Netflix and forcing web designers to be licensed.

I’m from Vietnam. Netflix in the US costs me $9.99 a month.
In Vietnam… $9.99 pretty much pays for lunch - for an entire month.

How does Net Neutrality compress the cost differences of Netflix (or internet access or whatever) when comparing the US to Vietnam or France… or South Africa.

Simply stated. It cannot. Whatever regulations are passed - they will always be people who will try to around it.

And quite honestly… people with money will always get around barriers. Because they have the money - and there will be people willing to take the money.

It’s called the Free Market.

and your are willing to trust the government… to not extend it’s reach.

and you just implied I am ignorant.

I am arguing against so-called “Net Neutrality,” not for it. I think ISPs should be allowed to do whatever they want and that the government should have no hand in it at all.

People always want to weaponize the government to attack something they don’t like… then they act surprised when that gun is turned on them.

I understand what you are saying. And in many case… I actually agree.

I also do see past and potential future negative experiences with government control.

I don’t believe in giving any government - not just the US Government… any government any control

other than what we - the people who elect government… grant to them.

And that control - is not unlimited.