Nesting CMS slugs

I love using Webflow CMS to auto-generate a new page that has no design change. But I wish I could nest one Collection under another Collection.

  • First example/problem:
    on my client’s site, they want webinars and sessions. Is it possible to nest a Session under a Webinar? As either:

  • Second example/problem:
    Right now I have 2 pages for 1 product. The static page has a false Add to Cart button that sends the user to the product page, where they need to click Add to Cart again. This takes a lot of steps to accomplish what should really only be one to two steps.

    I want to nest the product page under the static landing page so it displays as one of these:

Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this? Does it require using Base Tags or Href prefixes? I’m honestly at a loss.

Here is my site Read-Only: []

Webflow has a limitation of collection-slug/collection-item so nesting can’t be done with CMS templates. You can use static pages and include collection lists and items within them.

Such a bummer! Maybe in the future. Thanks Jeff.