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Nested text links not working properly

I’m trying to create nested text links within an existing paragraph but each time I highlight the words to be linked it creates a link block separating it from the paragraph. I’ve watched the videos on how this should be done but when I’m highlighting the text within the paragraph I’m only getting the option that shows the little pop-up directly above the text itself not the pop up thats supposed to appear above the paragraph block. Or at least that’s how I understand what’s supposed to happen based on the GIF in the Nested Link section of this tutorial.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@alissay Welcome to webflow!

Can you please fix your read-only link?


I didn’t add that read-only link and the ("how to share your site “read-only” link) is 404ing. Do you need to see my site to understand my issue?

The gif that you mentioned is using the old UI of webflow. But what’s your issue? Can’t follow

I’m trying to create text links within a paragraph.
When I highlight text and click on the link button it takes the text and creates a Link Block which takes it out of the paragraph and puts it on a separate line instead of staying within the paragraph.

You say this is the old UI but this is the most current information provided in the tutorials. I just want to have links appear within a paragraph exactly how its shown in the tutorial.

@alissay Sometimes it’s better to share a read-only link. But I will guess:

  • set your “paragraph” to “inline”

I have no idea how to provide the read only link but thank you that fixed it!!

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@alissay I’m happy to hear that you solved it and have a look here:

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