Nested Lists in rich-text editor

Please add the ability to do nested listing! Ideally with the added bonus of different ‘bullets’ (i.e. a mix of numbers, letters, roman numerals…).


1. Point
    a. sub-point
        i. sub-sub-point
            A. sub-sub-sub-point

Yes, need the ability to add those outlined bullets that get indented slightly more than the regular bullet - like you can do in Word.

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I second this. Ran into it on a recent content heavy project. Client needs to be able to add nested lists.


I also just came across an instance where I need this. +1 from me.

Would be great to see a complete set of improvements to the Rich Text Editor. What would be nice: If features/tools of the Editor could be switched on an off as needed, so that clients will only be confronted with the options that are relevant for editing their site.