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Nested Dropdown opens automatically when I open parent dropdown

Hello @AnnaKelian,

I have a dropdown within a dropdown that works well in desktop. In mobile the nested dropdown opens immediately when the first dropdown opens up on hover. This sub or nested dropdown should not open up. It should open up when it is clicked (or hovered). If I Is there something I am not seeing? In the preview it is under the dropdown called ‘cursussen’. It appears with a white background.



Hi @Wim

That nested dropdown is showing when you open the parent element because it is inheriting display settings and position properties from a class that you have applied to this dropdown list. Dropdown lists need to have position-auto and display settings: none. So, to solve the issue, either remove that class or if you must use that styling, duplicate the class and set the position-auto and display settings: none.

Here’s the culprit:

Hi @AnnaKelian,

That is awesome. It works!

I have to laugh at myself, because I literally worked the last days for hours on those other elements in the menu with interactions but it did not become smooth enough. Should have researched the problem earlier.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi @AnnaKelian,

Working on this now. The arrow does not turn when opening the sub. Anything I did wrong, or am forgetting?



Hi @AnnaKelian, apologies for asking stupid questions. I just found out the arrow never turns and that I have to put an interaction on it.

No worries @Wim
Glad it all worked out!

Enjoy designing your project!

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