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Nested Collections now live in designer (Max 5 Items)

Just discovered that nested collections now work in the designer. i.e. you can place a collection inside a collection - an example would be to display blog tags on the main blog page.

  • Limited to a max of 5 items to be shown.
  • And a max of 1 nested list per page.


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Hooray!! :partying_face:

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This nested collection list feature is great at many levels.
But why does it seem impossible to paginate this nested collection list and only have the ability to limit it ?

Capture d’écran 2020-06-19 à 12.33.03

Whereas a regular collection list would have this :

Does this mean we need to write our own ajax workaround if we want to reduce loading times ?

Did you ever get an answer to this?

Nope, never got an answer.
I wrote a script that shows my items by batches rather than showing all on load…
But this clearly isn’t the best practice.
I would love the ability for pagination in nested collections…

oh, It is super useful.

BUT… why limit to 5 items only!

It feels like I was given a Michelin dish, but a 5/100 portion of it.
It is a punishment. :upside_down_face:

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I added my votes on the wishlist.

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5 items is an absolutely ABSURD limitation. Change this, come on.


Is the 5 item limit arbitrary? I could really use this feature but with the limit its just useless.

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Here is a solution if you are struggling with Webflow‘s limitations of max 1 nested collection with max 5 items per page:

Feedback and ideas welcome :wink:

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