Nested collections - Categories

Maybe it’s right in front of my eyes and I can’t see it…

I have many images, organized in categories.

I want to display this:
(grid)image image image image
(grid)image image image image image image

I need this to be dynamic so when the client creates a new category it will be added to the list.

I can do this using nested collections but it’s counter-intuitive because I have to set up a multi-reference field in Categories (field name=Category images) and insert a long list with all the images I want to be in that category.

Instead, I would like to do this:
(First collection Categories)CategoryX
(nested collection Images filtered with “Category is CategoryX”)

This would be the same principle as what we can do on collection pages but I need everything to be on one page.

I don’t know if this explanation is clear enough to receive an answer :roll_eyes:

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