Nested collection doesn't filter results before turning into slider

I am using Finsweet attributes to a nest a collection that I then turn into a slider. The slider works but it shows all items instead of just the ones that are referenced within the parent collection. When I’m not running the cms slider it nests correctly showing the filtered results.

Has anyone encountered the same thing before, and solved the issue?

By “filtered” do you mean using Finsweet’s CMS Filter?

If you’re trying to use FS CMS Filter and FS CMS Slider together, you may have some special work to do with Finsweet’s attributes API. Finsweet’s Plus support forum is the way to investigate and resolve that.

No sorry that’s not what I meant.

In the parent collection I have a multi-reference field that includes certain items. So when I nest the collection that is the source of this multi-ref it just shows the items that have been referenced and that’s what I mean by ‘filter’.

Pardon me for the confusion. This works as it should and is only causing errors once the cms slider script is executed.

I can’t guess what you’re trying to push into the slider, but I assume it’s either the parent items, or the multi-ref’d children. Either way, that’s the only content published into the page, so FS CMS Slider can use it fine.

I’d check your attributes to make certain they’re on the correct elements for the configuration you want.

If you’re stuck, the Finsweet forum is your best resource.

Ok thanks, I’ll see what I can do!