Nest collection page inside another collection page


Just for the sake of example, I have a collection of cars, then each car would have a reference field of color and brand (each of them would be collections).

I’d like to have a page of URL /colors/color/brands/brand (or simpler /color/brand) that I use to could display collections of cars filtered by these color and brand.

I know it’s not natively possible (unless I overlooked something), but any idea how on to approach it?

Hi Anna, I build reverse proxies to create semantic path structures in Webflow, e.g.

If that’s what you’re needing, I’ve some details here.

However, if you don’t mind redirects and a little bit of hackiness you could probably achieve this with wildcard redirects + FS CMS Filter + JS.

Redirect, something like /colors/(.*)/brands/(.*)/car-search?color=%1&brand=%2

Then your car search page would list all cars but with FS CMS Filter setup to filter them. You’d apply the color and brand URL settings. Read FS filter docs for details on how to do this.

The URLs aren’t as pretty but it’s a simpler build.

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Thank you for the answer! I passed the info to the clients about the reverse proxy.
About the other solution, FS CMS filter looks great, but unfortunately, query params in the URL are not really what client is happy about from the SEO perspective.
Anyway, thank you! I know ate least what are the options :wink: