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Negative Top Margin causing my background color to become transparent

So I have a section that has a container with a tabbed section. I want to give the section a negative margin so it will appear like the content in the container will be floating over top of the section above it. I have this working on a few pages in my site already! But for my services page, while the content in the lower container works, the background color of the container is turning transparent.

I don’t understand why it’s working on most of my pages but I’m having trouble with this one.

If you look at my project, the page im talking about is the page titled ‘resources’

If you want to see working examples of what I’m talking about, then you can visit my pages titled ‘services-plans’, ‘services-outsourcing’, or ‘services-rollovers’

Heres an example of what I want

And heres what keeps happening

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Joshua,

Using negative margins is usually not the way to do it, i’ve made a quick video for you that hopefully fixes your problem :smiley::

Hope this helps!



Sorry for late reply. Thank you so much @DharmaNode this worked like a charm.

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