Needing two lottie actions on the lottie animation element to animate it (error)

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I am a beginner to website design, and I am trying to add a lottie animation to one of my json files that I made in after effects. However, when I try to add the animation, it gives me this error, and doesn’t allow me to animate it. I am extremely confused as to why, for I have been following with the Webflow University courses that Webflow offers, but still doesn’t work. It’s making me extremely frustrated and I have been trying to find a solution but I can’t find one unfortunatley. Below there is a picture of the message I get when I try to apply the animation. The top keyframe is set to 0% and the bottom is set to 100%. There is no extra code that I have added, in fact this is the only thing that I have entirely on the wbesite. I have 2 sections and it’s on the hero section, and nothing else in my layers. If you need any more explanation that could help me find a solution to this problem, please let me know. Thanks!

I have the exact same issue. Can someone please help :slight_smile:

I had the same issue and burned hours to figure out the solution. How I could resolve the issue was with the following trick. First as Pamath described it’s necessary to put the bottom action to 100%. Similarly the starting action has to be moved to 1% and then back to 0%. You see also that the figure on the right will change from grey to white. Hope this saves some of you out there some time.


I have exactly the same issue as the original poster. Tried your fix, but unfortunately didnt help. So i’m still at a loss to fix the same issue.

Hey, don’t know if you still need assistance but I came across the fix myself. You must insert the actual “0” in the first action. Do not assume that the default “0” is inserted into the action, it will produce an error if you do not enter zero yourself as the start action. Hope this helps :slight_smile:
Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 1.42.19 PM

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Hey, Thanks… This works