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Needing two lottie actions on the lottie animation element to animate it (error)

Hi there,

I am a beginner to website design, and I am trying to add a lottie animation to one of my json files that I made in after effects. However, when I try to add the animation, it gives me this error, and doesn’t allow me to animate it. I am extremely confused as to why, for I have been following with the Webflow University courses that Webflow offers, but still doesn’t work. It’s making me extremely frustrated and I have been trying to find a solution but I can’t find one unfortunatley. Below there is a picture of the message I get when I try to apply the animation. The top keyframe is set to 0% and the bottom is set to 100%. There is no extra code that I have added, in fact this is the only thing that I have entirely on the wbesite. I have 2 sections and it’s on the hero section, and nothing else in my layers. If you need any more explanation that could help me find a solution to this problem, please let me know. Thanks!

I have the exact same issue. Can someone please help :slight_smile:

I had the same issue and burned hours to figure out the solution. How I could resolve the issue was with the following trick. First as Pamath described it’s necessary to put the bottom action to 100%. Similarly the starting action has to be moved to 1% and then back to 0%. You see also that the figure on the right will change from grey to white. Hope this saves some of you out there some time.


I have exactly the same issue as the original poster. Tried your fix, but unfortunately didnt help. So i’m still at a loss to fix the same issue.