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Needing help with Mailstyler 2 (HTML email creation tool)

Hello hello,
I have been attempting to complete a simple EDM in Mailstyler 2 for over two weeks and I keep running into continuous problems when I am at near completion of the file.

Firstly it will start popping up with the below error messages when I attempt to edit certain sections of the file, which I can work around.Then it will keep popping up with a different messages that it has run into an unexpected error (screenshots attached below) and that I should quit the program right away- this will occur at any time, even when I am mid way through a task. From there I will finish whatever section I am working on, save the file (which I make sure I save the file properly) and then close the program.

THEN when I go back into the program and reopen the file, which has gone from a near complete 1500-2000KB file to a blank 3KB file with only a grey background- THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME TWICE NOW! Meaning I have lost a lot DAYS of work, time and effort and had to redo the EDM again, only for it to happen again.

I can not figure out what I am doing wrong, does anyone have any idea?.
Or is it a glitch with the software, due to the numerous error messages that are occurring and do not make logical sense?
My first time using this program, but my boss previously used Mailstyler 1st edition and never ran into these problems, let alone on a continuous basis- he can not figure out why it is doing what it is doing.

Any assistance that can be provided would be greatly appreciated :):blush:


Welcome to the Webflow community.

It may be worth getting in touch with MailStyler Support [EDIT: I can see you’ve done that already]or a forum dedicated more to that specific program as this forum is mainly for Webflow and associated apps. (Although not saying no-one here will know, it’s just more Webflow experts here than MailStyler)

You’ve put a very detailed issue here and I’d hate for you to not get an answer and think we’re all rude here! :smiley:

For what it’s worth, I’ve used (paid version) to create emails in the past and it’s great because you can export to various ESP’s or take the code and do what you like with it too.