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Need your opinion for domain choice 🚀 or

Hey, guys! I’m currently building a site where users can browse different cv templates, and then edit them right on the site and export them as a PDF when they are done. And a bunch of other cool stuff, but thats not relevant. :wink: I’m just about done with the site and are currently having the cv’s being made from different designers.

I own two relevant domains I could use for this site, and I don’t know which one to choose.
Monthly searches global: 26.000
Monthly searches UK: 15.000
Monthly searches UK: 165.000

By searches I mean on exact keyword, eg. [CV builder, CV templates]

Do you think it would extremely difficult to rank on the second one in the UK?

Hey @NikolajHaugaard,

Great idea.

I think is more appropriate and it’s the USP of your website, it does what it says.

Whereas is like a WP theme related website where you download templates and upload them in Microsoft Word to update it yourself.

Whichever you choose, forward the domain to the other :wink:

All the best,

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Hey @nwdsha,

Appreciate the feedback! I was thinking the same thing, and I think the competition on the second one is tough. But the amounts of searches is tempting :slight_smile:

I own a bunch of cv related domains, by forwarding do you mean redirecting them to the domain I end up choosing? :slight_smile:

Does that help rank better on the chosen domain? :slight_smile: