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Need your help in positioning

Hi, so i have almost completed y desktop version of the design and now on mobile view, however, i keep having this problem of content moving side to side on preview.

I have published it- but i dont know why it keeps moving side to side. I turned off all overflows, incerased it to max view port on all sections- yet i still get the same thing again.

On webflow preview it seems to work ok but after publishing- i get the same problem.

Hello @Sonam_Chophel,

Can you please share your preview link? How to Enable a Webflow Share Link


If you share that link we can view the Webflow designer in read only mode to examine the styles :+1:t2:

@Sonam_Chophel can you please follow these instructions so that I can preview your site inside of webflow and look at your styles. Then paste the link here

Take a look at .section-11 width setting of 100vw, That is what is causing your issue.

set to auto but still the same issue

You are right. That did not address the issue. I had been playing with the layout in a live browser. Can’t reproduce what I did last night. I will try to look at this again later.