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Need wireframe design done

We are updating our website with a total overhaul from wordpress.
The website is relatively basic on the scale of website complexity. (I know you have probably heard that before, but I do basic web design and this is basic…I am just very short on free time.)

Experience with web flow
Ability to communicate and adjust with the project as it develops.
Provide a finished wireframe layout with the elements that I request

You have a team account. I would like to work on filling in the frame as we go so that the project can finish faster and we can spot problems.

Super Bonus
You can transfer blog posts from the parent domain of my site to the newly created “blog” domain of my site and update all the wordpress data.

We need to discuss HOW we will work and how we will handle payments and how will we decide on billing.

Contact me here if you have an interest.

Hi Mattew,

I can help you. I have several projetcs done in webflow. Here’s the last: - animated infographic

Let me know if you have further questions,
You can add me on skype as well: renan.mufalo


Renan Múfalo

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Nice work.

I will be emailing/call/skyping tomorrow.