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Need website rebuilt in Webflow

I need this non profit site rebuilt in Webflow…

Please PM me if interested for more details

im interested! if you need you can call me

Hi Donovan,

Thanx for answering.

I need the website rebuilt in Webflow but needs the following…

Needs to be able to send an email to us from a Web form.
Needs to be hosted on our isp server
Needs to be able to easily update/edit and add new Events with images.
Needs a photo gallery that can easily be updated with new photos.
Needs to look good on Desktop, mobile and tablet.
I am ok with a single page site that scrolls down or if you can come up with a better design that is fine. Just needs to be clean and intuitive.

Is this doable?

If so, can you please advise cost and timing.


So do you want to manage your website on Webflow, or do you want to have a CMS like Wordpress? I think you can do everything in Webflow.

Contact me at email: or Skype: nosek_xd and we can discuss your new website ;)

Everything you mentioned is doable, although i would suggest hosting with webflow since the editor is already built in.

I can design the site top to bottom with everything you mentioned here. and then transfer the site over to you so that when its time to make changes you can log in and everything is at your fingertips!

please email me for further pricing and info about your site! or call me 757-201-8828

You’ll have issues updating elements without using webflow. It does not have dynamic content yet. I’d recommend squarespace if you don’t want to use webflow to make your own changes. Otherwise, you can take a look at my work at Your site would most likely cost between $1500-2500 from me. That is about 20% of the cost of a large design firm. Either way good luck!

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everyone seems to be missing this part.

“Needs to be hosted on our isp server”

OP specifically wants to self-host.

This is not a difficult site to build.

As for me, I always make my websites on my own. I use some webbuilders for my commerce projects like BigCommerce builder or Shopify