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Need webflow developters attention (please help)

Dear Webflow Developers:
I have been working with this platform for 2 years, since my work has improved 100% but at the moment I feel that I am somewhat stagnant in relation to visual effects. I was looking at these templates that they offer in Wordpress and I would like them to assist me and will also serve for anyone who wants to continue learning.

See sector-to-sector transitions.

I await your response with great anxiety, best regards!
And please translate all platform to spanish :frowning:
His friend Diego Kenji, Argentina.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @diegokenji,

This might be helpful

All the best,

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excellent !!! thankss !!!

more advanced tutorial where ??? thanks !!

Hi @diegokenji

I’m pretty sure there’s no tutorial for the exact effect you want. But you should definitely check out: for all the official Webflow tutorials.

thanks !!! thanks thanksssssss

thanks a lot as it was really helpful for me. i currently need to buy drugs because of my health conditions and they usually impair my thinking ability so that’s why i need to come back later, but… do you mind if i am going to have some questions for you to ask please a bit later? thanks!

@diegokenji … Hey did you get that scroll effect to work?

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