Need Urgent Help with Javascript Calculator

Hey Webflowers,

I’m working on a client project that is going live tomorrow, that needed a calculator for their pricing.

Not a developer I’m a bit in over my head on this one.

I got chatGPT to write me a calculator for what i’m after and it works great, but then last minute we have needed to add a tab for yearly billing that does the same calculation but calculates a discount.

My issue is when navigating to the yearly billing tab none of the javascript seems to work, I have checked all the ID’s are correct. I have put console.logs through the code to see if its working and look they are. Don’t know much about javascript. Any help would be appreciated.

Heres real bad diagram of the calculator and how it works.

See pricing section at the top of this page: Pricing - AML Software For Accountants | Firmcheck

Thanks heaps!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Firmcheck Website

Another thing, that is making me think this is a Webflow related issue is I ran my script on a simple HTML website and it functioned how it should. Quite confused…

It won’t work the way you’ve designed it.
You have the same ID’s on your number of clients and your pricing fields on both tabs. With duplicate ID’s, the script cannot select or manipulate the right elements.

Thanks for replying Michael so do you think if I seperate out the ID’s it should technically work?

Can get onto that right away. ChatGPT informed me that wasn’t issue but I suspected it could be.

I’ll get on it…

Don’t believe everything that ChatGPT tells you :wink:

Hope you got it sorted, but let us know if not :+1:

Yeah did you manage to resolve this? @trentsteeze