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Need to track conversion on my online store

I have open an ecommerce store and I have almost setup my online store. I am not sure where to start advertising but I am starting with doing an outdoor advertising. I want my customers to track through conversion and for this I need someone expert help. Anyone advice me on this?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Are you using Google Analytics?

Yes I have setup analytics but is there any specific way to identify conversions.

@kevinsaptel - Tracking conversions means tracking the source, then a desired action. If you advertise a specific landing page, then you could track that as an entrance, and everything that happens after a visitor hit your landing page. If you just advertise then you can’t track, unless the only way that someone would come across the domain was via a specific campaign.

Unless you provide specifics, I am not sure anyone could provide more guidance.

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