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Need to move Gatsby website into my route now owned by Webflow

Hi There,

I’ve heard that route-based SEO is better than subdomain SEO. Right now,

I’d like to move this subdomain to, but still be able to publish from Gatsby etc.

How can I do this route forwarding from within Webflow?
Or is this something that has to be done at DNS provider level?

Hey @peteris

Replied to your support request, also posting here for anyone else who might have a similar question.

One way you could send a path of your domain to your Gatsby website would be through a 301 redirect. However, this would just be a redirect and would still display as the subdomain after the redirect occurs.

​Another possible solution that requires some applications outside of Webflow is to use a Reverse Proxy Server, where you can put a reverse proxy server between Webflow and your domain so that you “pull” pages in from Webflow and manage the URLs for the domain in your Reverse Proxy server. You could then also pull your Gatsby site into the appropriate URLs you wish it to have.

​Here is a post that mentions how to set up a Reverse Proxy.


Hi Drew,

Thanks for the link! This makes sense. I looked at the post and it seems that people are trying to solve the opposite issue, hosting their site on another provider and having webflow owning only a small piece (e.g., a subdomain). I think I’m comfortable with setting that up but I’m really looking for the opposite. I want webflow to own @, www, and most of the routes, with the gatsby website only redirected to one specific route www/route or @/route. So - rather than pulling webflow to support specific routes, I need to pull in the gatsby website to serve a specific route. The reason is that I’m not just using webflow for a blog, I’ll be using it for the main website, blog, landing pages, etc. Does that change the answer at all?