Need to make 3 email capture forms differentiated within form submissions

I have 3 different email capture forms on my website: 2 on the homepage, and 1 on the “For Writers” page.

I need all three forms to be named differently on the backend, so that I can clearly see which form the user used when I look up the information in CMS forms.

I think this has something to do with properties/instances, although I created different properties for the forms and it doesn’t seem to be working.

Site is:
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Go to Site Settings > Forms. Rename each form instance to a unique name that indicates its location, such as “Homepage Form 1”, “Homepage Form 2”, and “For Writers Form”. And just save the changes.

Thank you! Is there a screenshot you can send? I am not seeing each form instance show up in my Site Settings > Forms. I’m looking here (screenshot).

Hey Allison, not site settings-
Click on each form in the designer, and you’ll see the form settings at the right hand side.

You’re looking for the Form’s Name property