Need to fix the issue: Text behind a slider

Hi together,

I am new here and fisrt of all I wanted to say that is super cool to have the possibility to ask the comunity for some help. :slight_smile: Right now I am facing a problem and probably for you guys it is super easy to solve. Would be really nice if I could get some inputs from you what I need to do to fix my problem.

I created the following slider:

But as you can see the text is on the back and I want to create a kind of a split beween the part of the slider and the text part. To separate them from each other. This is the structure I did:

I tried it with a Div Block but in the end it did not worked out for me. If you could help me what I should try would be super nice.

Thank you so much for your help guys.

All the best and greetings,
Franz Pfanner

Please share your read-only link so we can take a closer look


Thank you so much. Here is the read only link:

Looking forward to some hints.


btw I fixed some things but I am not sure if I did it the right way. To me it looks better then before but also the slider has that issue that if I am clicking to the right for example, at the end there is too much white space instead of showing the first one again right after the last click or at least dont show that huge white part at the end. Any suggestions?

Thanks all for sour support here. Really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Hello :slight_smile:

Do you guys have any idea I can try to fix it?


Hello all together

I just wanted to ask if someone could help me with fixin it. I would be extremly helpful.

Thanks a lot and wish you all a great day.


To put you on the right path, you could for example put a flex layout on Section 4 and give div block 4 a 30% width:

Now make container 5 flex child grow if possible.

Since there are so many adjust values, I can’t really help you with all of them.

Hi Rory,

thank you very much for your time you invested and your suggestions. I tryed to adjust as you said but to (with my beginner knowledge) it did`nt changed that much. Maybe it would be better to change the slider with a carousel then and try to make the carousel look similar to what I have. :frowning:


Ha, I spent about 20min trying to adjust and gave up. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Oh no… I am so sorry but I am also super thankful for your help. Thank you so much for trying.