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NEED to find a specific tutorial!

A few days ago I followed an awesome basic tutorial. I redesigned my site and it looks great.

Now I’m working on another website and wanted to check some aspects I learned from the tutorial and now I can’t find it at all! It was a complete tutorial, the ‘fake company’ name was Pixely(Not to be confused with the Pixly template), white background and I recall part of the tutorial adding a graduated shading starting from the top, left corner.

For the life of me, I can’t find that tutorial anywhere. It’s not int he full courses, not in the ‘quick’ videos…it’s just…gone.

I went through my browser history with a fine-toothed comb and annoyingly, it’s not there. Everything else from that day is but not that page!

I would like to follow that tutorial again. Please help!

That’s my whole life looking for very important stuff in the History…

What was the tutorial exactly about?

Pixely is mentioned in this tutorial:

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Other link:

Wooo! Thanks guys! I appreciate it!

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