Need to create a registration form that has multiple functions

Hi fellow community members. I was hoping that I could get some insight on how I may accomplish creating a registration form that has multiple functions. Here is what I need to build.

When a customer buys a new product they go to a registration page to fill out a registration form. They enter their contact information, a serial number of the product and the date they registered the product.

That information then populates a database for my records.

Then what I need is for the information from the form to auto-populate an automated, annual, email reminder (maintenance of the product) and sent to this individual based on the day they registered the product. It would be nice to have the serial number of the product auto populate in this annual email reminder as well.

I think the form could easily be created in webflow (not sure of that) but getting the annual email reminders, would I go through Zapier, Make something like those?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Sorry I don’t have a read only link, I haven’t started building the site yet.

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Yes you’ve got it, and Make is a good choice here.
Here’s one way to build it that keeps things rather simple;


  • Collect the info you want
  • Use Webflow’s standard forms handler to capture the data


  • Trigger on your new form submission
  • Store the data in Airtable including the order date
  • Also store a Reminder date, set it to 1 year from the order date.
  • Send an email notification, product registered, you’ll get an annual notification, etc.


  • Query Airtable for any where Reminder date <= today
  • Email these the reminder email
  • Update the reminder date to today + 1 year for the next reminder

Michael thank you so much… This is awesome hope it is as easy as it sounds… LOL

It’s not difficult but there is certainly a learning curve on these tools. No code doesn’t mean no programming… it’s just wrapped in a different symbology.

If you get irretrievably stuck, I have a low cost development support package for designers and agencies, PM me if you need details on that. But these are skills that will benefit you greatly so I’d try to build it yourself entirely if you can.