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Need to Complete Client Website


I love webflow but haven’t had the time to learn it. I have a client that I have 1 last payment to collect when the site is done. Message me if you can help me complete it. The last person I hired did not do a very good job and I had to let him go.

Please visit the site here to see what I mean:

I don’t have a large budget but I am willing to split the payment with you 50/50. Message me and we can discuss what that is.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Christian,
I can help you.
I’ve sent you a PM

I also want to learn more in web flow because many of my clients is asking me to use the platform on their project. Is it possible to use it on Survey Feedback kind site. Here is an example for reference ( Let me know anyone can help, I am also willing to split 50/50.


Hi Christian,

I sent you a pm.


Hi Mark,

Yes, you can definitely use Webflow to make a site like I have great experience in Webflow and would be interested in working with you. Feel free to contact me.