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Need to auto play one simple audio file

A friend asked me to reproduce his website, exactly like it is. Long story. I’m not showing it because it’s not awesome, but it’s what the customer wants.

My issue is that he has an 839 KB .mp3 audio file that autoplays when someone goes to the home page. There is a small audio control on the page where viewers can stop the audio or lower the volume.

The current site is built in Joomla and I’m sure it was a simple plug-in, but I don’t think there is anything like that for WF.

If I embed " the control shows up. The problem is that I can’t upload the .mp3 file into the asset folder for this site and have no idea where to load the file and how to get the source path from there. I’m doing this for free so I don’t want to spend any big bucks to get this done.

It’s critical that I get this audio working. Can anyone find a simple solution?



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why not use the html widget and then use html5 code: Can then set it to autoplay. although I’d try and talk him out of it, audio that automatically plays when you go to a website is so annoying.

It’s very annoying but it brings him a lot of business.

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